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Wellness and Spa Services

Vitamin B12/ Wellness Multivitamins

Vitamin B12 is a nutrient that helps keep the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. Vitamin B12 also helps prevent a type of anemia called megaloblastic anemia that makes people tired and weak

Reiki / Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are placed on specific points on your body and may also hold the stones while giving the massage. The localized heat and weight of the stones warm and relax muscles, allowing the massage therapist to apply deeper pressure to those areas without causing discomfort

Chair Massage

Massage chairs are a fantastic way to wind down and enjoy a massage in the comfort of your own home. Nowadays, top quality massage chairs come with a variety of advanced features such as S track and L track rollers, foot rollers, auto-programs, airbags, multiple massage techniques, and zero gravity positioning. The zero gravity positioning is one of the most popular massage chair features, but what does “zero gravity positioning” actually mean and why is it a highly sought out feature?

What is Zero Gravity Positioning?

The Zero Gravity position is inspired by NASA as it imitates the position of astronauts when they launch into space. The zero G position used by NASA was carefully designed by engineers to distribute weight evenly across the the body. During liftoff, astronauts’ bodies are put through immense stress and pressure as they leave the Earth’s atmosphere. Sitting in a reclined position helps their bodies endure the pressure of zero gravity and minimize pain.

How Does Zero Gravity Recline Work?

So how does zero gravity all translate into a full body massage chair? When zero gravity mode is selected, the massage chair eases the user into a reclined position where your thighs are relative to your back to maximize comfort and minimize pressure. There are typically two stages of zero gravity. The second stage brings the user further back placing the legs above the heart level. This helps to further increase blood flow which can help the heart and body.What Are the Benefits of Zero Gravity Positioning?

Every feature and function built into a full body massage chair is designed to bring optimal comfort and relief to the person sitting in the chair. Zero gravity positioning, in particular, offers a number of benefits that are good for the body such as:

  • Zero Gravity positioning reduces back pain
    We put pressure and stress on our spines all day. The Zero Gravity position takes the weight off the user’s spine and may reduce pain in the lower back area.
  • Zero Gravity also increases circulation
    While seated in zero gravity, the user’s feet are level with the heart, increasing blood flow throughout the body. This can help the heart, muscles, and arteries. Increased blood flow not only helps us feel healthier, we also look healthier as increased blood circulation helps skin.
  • Zero Gravity may also reduce swelling
    As blood flows throughout the body, zero gravity helps to reduce swelling.
  • Zero Gravity can help breathing
    Have trouble breathing when lying down? Lying flat on a surface may make breathing for difficult; zero gravity position props the body up and helps open airways. Zero gravity position may help those that suffer from asthma or sleep apnea.
  • Zero Gravity maximizes comfort and relaxation
    All the benefits listed above ease the body into optimal relaxation and comfort.